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The 2001 Beastly Gathering





Barry Brown and Janette Barber

These are the two wonderful people who started it all, when they decided to create a website all about their adorable actor/model cat Beastly.

People came from all around the world to see the many pictures of this egocentric feline,  Janette entertained everyone with her hilarious 'Rambles', telling about life with the beast and her perfect man Barry.

We started to  know and care about each other. In time we all became one big family.  Many of us meet on two boards now, my Nature's Way board and the Beastly board,

It has been such fun, that we all look forward to the time we can get together, every Friday night many of us  meet for a chat and now some of us have ventured to the Big Apple to meet each other, Janette and Barry and see the Rosie O'Donnell show.

The following pictures were all taken by our beloved Robin H.  The scenery is on this page, click on a link to see our beautiful friends.



The Beastly Gang at Rosie's


Cathie, Mindy and Robin H.
standing outside NBC



Lindsay and Robin H.
  outside the Today Show


Lindsay and Meg at AOL  Schwartzs



Mindy and Lindsay


Beastly group outside NBC



NY Beastly Meeting


NY Beastly Meeting 2



Outside the Today Show



Robin H. and Mindy


Lindsay getting ready to
help with the weather


Lindsay helping with the weather


Meeting Rosie


Rosie's set