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Animal Companion Love





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It is important for people to recognize that there are many different kinds of love. We love our family, friends and sweet hearts, but there is another special kind of love we have for our animal companions.

Most everyone, at some time has been hurt by someone they love. But you never hear of someone being hurt for loving an animal companion, unless you are talking about the hurt we all feel when our companions leave this world before   we do.


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Whenever we go away, even for a few minutes, our pets eagerly greet us with meows or vigorous tail wagging. Even smaller pets find ways of showing how happy they are we came back to them.

They always seem to know what  makes us laugh, and when nobody else thinks our jokes are funny, there they sit wagging their tail.

But the greatest gift our pets give us is their pure unconditional love. They don't care if we are poor or rich, overweight, bald headed or hunchbacked, we are their King, their Queen, their EVERYTHING. That is why we only want the very best of everything for them.


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