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Hi everyone, I am Charlie, the handsome one on the left. Buster and I are 'real blood' brothers born around the 4th of July, 1990.

You all know our mom as Nicky, to us she's MOM and the best day of our lives was just after Labor Day 1990 when we came to live with her. Mom says that was the day her house became a home.

For the last ten years we have spent our days learning to live with each others' bad habits, of course Buster has most of those. YES, we occasionally fight, but most of the time you'll will find us like we are in this picture, especially on cold days. We really do love each other.

Mom says I am the more serious and hate making a fool of myself.  I am loyal, and devoted to those everyday rituals, especially the treats that arrive at the same time every day. I can get a bit uptight when someone plays around with my scratching post. Why not?  Everyone needs something to call their own.

 Buster's more the "dude" of the family, he can find things to play with in the most unlikely places, and enjoys his toy with a cheerful and spirited abandon.

Mom says he does not need a scratching post when he has the carpet, couch and her denim clad legs.........

And at the end of the day, Mom is the one who winds up sleeping in a severely contorted position rather than disturb the immaculate symmetry of us two boys resting on her bed . Well at least we help keep her feet warm and her heart filled with love. :)