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Charlie was much more then just a friendly mutt who enriched our lives for almost 14 years - he was a faithful friend, a constant companion. Charlie knew he was no ordinary dog and got used to thinking of himself as one of us. He knew how to make us laugh and even sad, especially when he wasn’t feeling well. There was much more in Charlie than his wide pushed- in muzzle, muscular chest, large dark eyes, drooping jowls cropped ears and drooling lips.

Practically everyone who came in contact with him reacted with a smile and approached him with some trepidation. That suited him to a tee. After all, he was human -orientated and didn’t like to be ignored. Other dogs only amused him for short periods, especially when they jumped on him and grabbed his sagging jowls. Although he was extremely patient and gentle with them and rarely growled, even when he grew old and tired, he preferred to focus his attention on the two-legged species and had little difficulty in getting their attention.

He left us on July 7th, 1999 and we still haven't fully recovered.