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First Story Page





Chapter 1
by Anne


It was sunrise and an eerie stillness lay over the woods. This piece of heaven was called "Kinney Woods", named for the unique lady who lived in the little cottage nestled among the trees.

Kinney Woods was a world peacefully inhabited by magical creatures. Mousie, the bullmoose stirred when he was awakened by a powerful light!

You see, Mousie was the biggest and yet most cowardly of the whole woods! Yes, Mousie WAS quite a character! He squinted his eyes..trying hard to focus to see who was at the other end of that light!!

"Oh, poop"!! he thought, "That ain't no light!!" It was the sun that had frightened him so! Just as he closed his eyes for a little more shut-eye, The big ole wooly moose heard a horrible sound!!

As quickly as he pulled himself to his feet he was knocked off his feet by something or someONE he had never seen before! Mousie went sprawling to the ground.. all fours pointing skyward!!!

He heard another horrible noise.. This time, it was his heart thumping within his massive chest!! The ole' bull moose had never been so scared! Lying as still as he could, Mousie took a deep breath and a sense of calm came over him.

He listened and watched. As daylight crept through the trees, Mousie was soon able to make out the unfamiliar giant who was looming over him. As he stared into the fiery eyes overhead, he could hear all the woods had wakened!!! Everyone had heard the disturbance!!

"Hey! Who's that?", he grunted as something brushed against his ear. "Shh..I am Peri, the garden fairy. My family and I live under that little clump of mushrooms over there. If you do as I say, I think we can get you out of this mess with little harm to any of us!"

Chapter 2
by Katie

Peri said, "You see the woods have been inhabited by a  horrible creature, we call him 'The Lost One', he has no brain and no heart."

"Without a brain he can not think and with out a heart he can not give or feel love that's why he is so angry."

"Hurry, we must warn the other creatures of the woods before it is too late."


Chapter 3
by Anne

Mousie struggled once again to his feet and, with Peri perched on the tip of his ear.

The Lost One took one look at the odd pair and slowly ambled away.

Mousie was somehow intrigued by this child-like creature.. and as the Lost One glanced back at them, the scaredy bullmoose noticed a tear as it fell on the elephantine like cheek. His dark eyes, the color of deep, cold murky water.

The creature's arms hung loosely at his side.. swaying ever so slightly. As he walked away Mousie and Peri could see a huge pouch buckled around his middle.

"Wait!!" The words came up and out from Mousie's throat and surprised even him! "Wait", he repeated "Who are you and what brings you to Kinney Woods?"

The intruder stopped in his tracks and turned toward the pair. Peri whispered. "Be very careful...I sense danger.

Mousie was feeling just the opposite. He felt compassion and above all was certain he would be able to handle any situation that could arise with the new resident of Kinney Woods.

Chapter 4
by Donna

Mousie stopped speaking when he and Sunnie heard quiet singing coming from behind a tree.

"Things aren't always as they appear" softly noted the little shy dear.

"What's that you sing?" asked Mousie.

Doe RayMe sang back..."let's not judge this new creature just by his "cover", this Lost One's quite strange, but let's love him like others.

The song continued, "remember that Peri's quite the clever fairy, she may make us believe this intruder is scary!! I sense only goodness, no darkness or let's dance to Nana's where roses all bloom!! You may hear the Lost One has no heart or brain" ...then Doe RayMe stopped singing when down came lilac rain.

" I wonder?!" asked Sunnie..."about that intruder... and you. You're always singing about something, but do you have a clue?" They all laughed together as they caught the lovely raindrops in their mouths.

"Oh where, oh where, can our other friends be?" sang Doe RayMe as she pranced off toward Nana Anna's.

Chapter 5
by Donna

The sound of chirping birds helped soothe the "Lost One". He gazed at the glistening brook as the raindrops fell gently into its stream and speckled fish swam by.

Mousie had been right! A tear had fallen down his cheek as he walked away from the two...and now his tears fell just like the rain around him. The "Lost One" had heard all the rumors of having no heart or brain. "But if I have no brain, how do I know how beautiful the forest looks?, and if I have no heart, why am I feeling so sad?"

Perhaps it was true that he hadn't been thinking quite clearly as of late... and he knew that his heart was in need of a little mending. That's exactly what brought him to Kinney Woods! He had heard that the kindest of all ladies dwelled in a cottage deep in those woods. She had a heart of gold and made magic potions from her wondrous plants that would cure his foggy thinking and mend his broken heart.

 Why would Peri lead the others to believe him bad? He couldn't stop the tears, but then thought... "there's such beauty all around me... I can't let this fairy keep me from finding that dear lady!

So he brushed away the tears, stood up and began to open the pouch tied around his waist.

Chapter 6
by Anne

"How strange!" Lost One thought. "Something V-E-R-Y strange is happening!"

He had known nothing but loneliness, and pain in his life. Seems he was always forced to battle his way. Wherever he went, others turned away at the very sight of him.

A broad beam crossed his face and for the first time, he felt the corners of his fixed mouth slowly begin to curve upwards "I'll bet this is what they call a smile!! YES!! I am smiling!!" And with that he roared with laughter.

The sound sent every woodland creature out to investigate! Lost One, found himself surrounded by creatures of all sorts, all sizes & all colors. They greeted him with a chorus like he had never heard before! It made his heart sing! His audience stared as he pulled a rumpled piece of paper from the crusty pouch.. watching and waiting with curiosity..

"Ahem,". Lost One stuttered. "This map was given to me many years ago by a man who called himself "Jo-Jo". He assured me, if I could get to Kinney Woods, I'd find someone there who could point me in the right direction.. This map brought me here. Now I must find Nana May"

He glanced toward where the others were headed and decided the best thing he could do right now was catch up and follow Mousie, Peri and Sunnie! Some of the critters wandered back to their homes and settled in. Others joined Lost One on his race to Nana May's.

"Come On!" Sadie, the LadyBug shouted , You are gonna love her! And she will love you! By now, Sadie and her family were riding, comfy as could be on Lost One's huge shoulder!.

Sadie remarked, as she tucked her little ones close to her. "Has any one noticed we've put on a little weight lately? This red outfit barely fits!! Well, we spent our vacation with Nana May this year!! Private room & fresh apple every day! Lucky, Huh?"

By now, they were coming to the very edge of the woods and the wee cottage was finally in sight!


Chapter 7
By Donna

Hello there to you, and how do you do?" sang Doe RayMe to the Lost One. The little deer greeted this new stranger and sang a cheery hi to Sunnie, Mousie, Sadie, and Peri as well.

Doe RayMe had danced and sung all along her way to Nana May's. How she enjoyed that lilac rain! Now, the sun was shining and its warm rays made the forest glow and it seemed the Lost One had a smile that was gleaming too! How happy Doe RayMe felt..she loved it when everyone was smiling...gave her something else to sing about!

She did notice a smile on Peri's face too, however, it looked more like an evil little grin. Doe RayMe had worried about that fairy!! She knew her to be two spaced, both tall and wee, but was Peri two faced, as she feared fairy might be? Had not Peri told the forest the Lost One was angry and a danger? Why, on this forest earth, would she do that? Had Peri made a home under a poisonous mushroom and perhaps was under some spell?!

That garden fairy confused Doe RayMe and she sang to Peri, "oh Peri, wee Peri, both little and tall, do tell of your new home, the mushroom and all!"

Doe RayMe wanted to be certain every one was INDEED there to help the Lost One reach dear Nana May's. "I admire that you're different, you seem brave as you're smilin'" sang DoeRay Me to the Lost One,... to which Sunnie, Sadie, Mousie, and Peri replied in harmony, "we think he's real special, like the sun that is shinin'!"

Mousie, Sunnie, Sadie, Peri, Doe RayMe, and the Lost One now all sang together, "let's head for the cottage where the lady awaits, to greet us with goodness, let's go!, for goodness sake!!!"


Chapter 8
by Anne

Lost One ran faster than ever! Sadie and her chubby family bouncing on his shoulder and the others close behind.

As they neared the wee cottage, he could hear ole' bullmoose, Mousie's voice. "I saw Nana May just the other day!! Didn't get too close.. for fear I'd frighten her. But, Hey! I sure had a feast!! That gal really knows how to treat a guest!!"

Peri giggled and flew to Sunnie's shoulder. As they approached the door, Peri noticed the curtain flutter ever so slightly..

In an instant, Nana May's face appeared and they recognized that smile every creature had come to love!! From the tiniest creeping critter, to the big ol' moose. Even colorful birds of many varieties ..all found the perfect place to set up housekeeping and raise their families near this quaint cottage.

With the cottage but a few yards away, Lost One took a final glance at the old map. For the first time, he noticed a lovely seed taped in place. It was deep brown in color, embedded with star-like crystals.

 "Hmm, A place of interest! I wonder what this might mean!! Looks like it could be in that dilapidated shed over there!" His head was spinning and before he knew it he ran smack into Mousie.. again!! Almost knocked the big guy off his feet...again!!

Mousie regained his balance, grinned at Lost One and everyone had a chuckle! At that moment, the door flung open and there she was!

Chapter 9
by Stormie


"Well hello all my little darlings how are you this fine blessed day. I've missed all of you. I haven't been out to much lately as my health has not been the best, you know" said the sweetest most beautiful lady that Lost One had ever seen.

"Who is the big fellow over there?" she asked.

Sunnie spoke up and said "That's Lost One (he's a little afraid to come over as he doesn't want to scare you)" she whispered.

"Oh don't worry about that" said Nana May "I love all the creatures of the world and they are all welcome here in Kinney woods."

Lost one then came over very slowly so as not to startle anyone but he looked a little sheepish and said softly, "Am I truly welcome here? I certainly don't want to frighten anyone."

With this Nana May came over and reached up and softly rubbed his grizzled tummy and said so sweetly, "All are welcome here in my woods I love all things, no one is to be excluded."

With this Lost One started to rumble and cry scaring Peri a little but when she realized he was happy all the wee ones of the forest started to cheer and Lost one got a huge smile on his face.

"I have a map with an adventure on it, who's ready to help me solve it?"

"I will", they all cried and then Peri asked "but what are we looking for?"

With that, Lost one sat down and started to tell his story.......

Chapter 10
by Anne

"Before I begin", Lost One said, in a voice that was barely audible. "I must explain. Whether we solve this puzzle or not, I feel like a winner already!"

 Nana May was resting comfortably in her rocker and all the others were sprawled at her feet, waiting with interest to what Lost One had to say.

"You see," He continued "I began this journey with a promise to find Joy, Love, Happiness,  Friendship..  Today, I smiled for the very first time!!," and he laughed.

Mousie, Sunnie, Peri, Sadie and even DoRaeMe laughed with him... The others joined in and Nana May felt absolute sheer joy!! She quickly glanced at every adorable face and felt such a strong connection!!

"When I smiled", he added, "something tingled deep inside!! Don't even know what that was!! But, Golly Nana May...When your soft fingers touched my tummy....WOW!! What WAS that. Just like when I smiled, only a lot bigger!?!?"

 Sunnie spoke up, "Sweet Lost One, that was LOVE.. That was JOY.. That was Friendship all rolled up together!"

"Yeah!" sang DoeRaeMe, "Kinney Woods.. Kinney Woods.. Filled with friends and fun! Kinney Woods, Kinney Woods...There's room for everyone!"

This made the whole gang chime in and they even sang about their angel Nana May.

Nana May laughed til the tears dripped from her chin..

Peri flew to Nana Mae's shoulder and whispered.. "Nana Mae's tears are happy tears.. Go on, Lost one tell us your story!!"

"Ok, Ok," Lost One continued.. this time with excitement in his voice. "Jo-Jo told me I would find all those emotions that were so elusive for such a long time. He just didn't tell me I would find them so quickly right here! But, On my map, I found this beautiful seed that marks an old shed.. Nana May, Can you tell us about that shed?"

Chapter 11
by Stormie

"Well there's not much to tell I have all my wonderful flowers and veggies seeds in there" said Nana May.

They all looked at Lost One to see what this would mean to him and were so surprised at the look of triumph on his face. "I knew it! I knew it!" he said "JoJo said the wealth of love and peace was in the shed and I was to give you this little seed to plant in your garden, I'm not sure just why, but I know I am supposed to ask you to plant it.

What do you suppose it is?" asked the large one.

Peri looked at all the others and said very mysteriously" Do you think it could be the..... Serenity plant?"

"Oh no" said Sunnie, "that's impossible, that was lost a long time ago and no one has seen one, let me see, since about 50 years ago!"

Nana May laughed out loud and was so giddy all her friends thought maybe the sunshine and fresh air had gotten to her, "No I'm not being silly, "she said, "I remember a little friend telling me a long time ago that somebody had gotten a hold of some seeds and saved them.

"Who?" " Who?" they all asked, "What was their name?"

"Well....." answered Nana May "If you really need to know it was Miss Katie the little Irish squirrel, you remember her don't you all?"

The other animals and birds looked at each other in amazement, they hadn't thought of her in such a long time. "Well she told me that if we lived a life of love, and happiness sometime the Serenity plant, which really is a tree you know, would return to Kinney Woods"

All the wee ones that didn't know of Miss Katie wanted to hear the story and begged Nana May to tell.

"Okay," she said "here goes, a long time ago there were leprechauns, fairies, sprites and gnomes who all lived in my woods, but one day the people of this land came and scared them away.

" Why?" interrupted the littlest of the animals, a hedgehog named Anne, "why would the people do that to those wonderful fairytale creatures?"
Nana May looked a little sad and stated "Haven't you all realized that most of the people in the world today are afraid of what they don't understand"

Anne started to cry and softly sobbing asked "Are they going to scare us away as well?"

"No I would never let them, I had just moved in and didn't realize what was happening" answered Nana May.

Lost One then spoke up for the first time in a while to say "JoJo said if we planted this sweet seed, maybe all the special little creatures will come back. Do you think she is right?????"

"I don't know" answered Nana May "but it sure would be nice if they could return, I miss my little friends so much, they used to make everyday so special for me."

All the animals sat back and thought about the story and wished they could see Miss Katie again. All of a sudden there was a dreadful screech and they all looked so frightened-had those awful humans come back???

Chapter 12
by Stormie

Peri hopped up on Nana May's shoulder and started to cry "Those nasty people are coming to get us aren't they!!"

" No no, not at all" said Nana May "don't be alarmed it's only Bertha the wisest of the owls in the forest that is her way of letting me know she is on her way" answered Nana May.

"Well she's too loud if you ask me "whispered Mousie. You see even if he is big he is a little bit of a fraidy cat, but that's okay cause all the animals know he will be there for them.

"Hello Nana May" said a voice from above the trees, "how are you doing today?"

"Who's that" asked DoRaeMe "I can't see anyone?"

"It's only me Bertha" said a quiet voice "I'm up here in the tree".

"Could you come down?" asked Sadie in a little voice "It's awfully scary when you can't see you"

"Okay, here I am" and down from the tree swooped a beautiful white owl, looking for all the world like a large cuddly stuffed animal.

"Hello and how is life for you this wonderful day" inquired Nana May.

"Well I just found out something and had to let you all in on the special meaning of your little seed".

With that all the animals got so excited and started to talk all at once, so many we're talking that Nana May had to finally tell them all to quiet down, and said "If you want to hear you have to give her a chance to speak, and tell us".

All the wee ones got very quiet and felt a little ashamed at the noise they were making but Nana May soon had them feeling better by admitting she was excited as well.

"Well" said Bertha, "here is the secret I just heard at the sorcerer's castle in the next town. He was saying to his wife that the secret is that we have to talk to the 'Darling Ones' !!"

With that all the animals stopped whispering and started to look afraid again. "What are you all looking so frightened for ?"asked Lost One "I don't understand who are the 'Darling Ones'?"

Nana May got up and walked away a little and got super quiet. No one knew what to say to Lost One how could they explain that they were the heart and soul of Kinney Woods.

"Well" answered Nana May "they are all the sweet angels who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge!"

Lost One looked all around and didn't know what to say, he had never heard of the Rainbow Bridge so had no idea still who the 'Darling Ones' were.

Nana May looked up with pearl drop tears in her eyes and seen the look of puzzlement in Lost Ones eyes, she decided to explain. "We have all lost dear ones who have crossed over into Heaven and we call it the Rainbow Bridge for our friends".

Answering the unspoken question in his eyes, she added "I have a garden dedicated to them on the other side of my cottage and I often stroll there every now and then to have a quiet chat with them especially on my hard days".

"That's right" said Bertha "and the sorcerer says if we can talk to them they will guide us on how to get the Serenity Tree up and started to grow, so now don't you think we have to go and see them?"

Nana May looked at all her little friends and thought of all the wonderful animal companions who had gone on before and the one quickly came to mind was her darling Faith, her wonderful companion and trusted friend. She wasn't sure if she really wanted to do this but if it meant peace and serenity in the woods she would do all she could.

"Why is it so important to do this" she asked Bertha.

"Well to tell you the truth the people have been talking again about all the animals here in Kinney Woods and they don't seem to pleased by it".

"Why ever not" asked Sunnie "we haven't done anything to hurt anyone have we?"

"No" answered Bertha "but you know those humans they don't care for any but their own kind"

"Aren't there any who care about us?" asked Peri

"Yes there are a few like our dear Nana May but they are few and far between."

"Well lets get our thinking caps on and make some decisions" said Mousie "I for one will not be sent away from here, what do you all think?"

Chapter 13
by Anne

Bertha spoke with such a screech, some of the little ones had to cover their ears! She began, "You see, I noticed this guy who seemed to be lost, riding around the woods on this goofy looking contraption. Well, I thought he might hurt somebody!! I asked what he was looking for. Well, hey, you never know.. Friend or Foe.. Ya know what I mean?"

The others kinda giggled and Nana May smiled at Bertha..the magnificent snowy owl. She patted Mousie a bit, to calm him. Nana May could feel the ole bullmoose quivering under her touch.

"He said his name was Jo-Jo", Bertha continued "and was looking for someone by the name of "Lost One". Well, Hey!! I don't know anyone by that name, do you??

With that, all the creatures jumped to their feet and pointed to their newest friend, who by now was sitting right beside Nana May's rocker. Somehow, The Lost One felt safe there.

"Jo-Jo, sent me here", he told them, "and gave me this map with a magical seed to bring to Nana May. Wonder what he's doing here!!"

Bertha, was really confused by now. She looked around at all the residents of Kinney Woods. From the tiniest to the biggest, they were all there on Nana May's doorstep!! "G-o-lly!! What's goin' on? I tried to help the guy who calls himself Jo-Jo and told him where..."

At that moment Bertha was interrupted by the biggest commotion they had ever heard.. Through the woods came Jo-Jo. He was riding an old silver dune buggy with flashes of orange painted on the sides. Jo-Jo slid in and turned the horrible sounding motor off, throwing dust everywhere!! Even Nana May's girls were at the door now. They weren't used to all this fuss!!

Nana May was astounded by his appearance; shirtless, bib overalls, with both knees sticking out, and a toe peeking out of his muddy sneakers. His long sandy hair was frizzy, tied in a pony-tail.

As Nana May looked Jo-Jo over, she thought.. 'that awful beard is long enough for a pony-tail too!!' Yet, she could detect a friendly smile beneath it all.

Never one to turn a guest away, Nana May looked at Jo-Jo and said, "You are welcome to Kinney Woods. However, my friends here are not used to this kind of uproar. You might apologize for the 'grand entrance' that covered them with dust."

Jo-Jo hung his head rather sheepishly and they heard him say, "Yea, I'm sorry guys, guess I did come through here a little haphazardly. But, Lost One, I just had to find you and tell you what I discovered about that crystal-embellished seed and the old shed that was marked on our map!"

Every one of Nana May's woodsy friends were giving Jo-Jo their undivided attention and Sadie held her little family even closer there on Mousie's shoulder.

DoRaeMe stifled the song that was erupting within her.  Anne, the cute little hedgehog, not wanting to miss a thing, shyly wandered closer to Jo-Jo. Snowy Bertha perched atop the porch railing sat quietly, waiting for this whole thing to unfold. Mousie didn't move, he was loving the mini-massage from Nana May who was also waiting to hear what Jo-Jo might have to tell them.

Jo-Jo looked over at the sweet lady in the rocker and asked, "You Nana May? You must be!! 'Cause I read about you in the newspaper. It said you committed yourself to protect ALL life! Some people say you are known all over the world. Some say too, that you have friends from all over the world! I sent Lost One here because I knew that he would find Love, and Friendship at Kinney Woods!"

"Me? I have lots of friends! An old woman gave me the map for Lost One. After Lost One was off on his journey, I met her again. This time, she told me about the old shed and that pretty seed. Did ya notice the crystals that are in that seed?? Well, she told me that is the only one of it's kind. It is the seed of the wonderful Serenity Tree."

"Those crystals represent all your friends from a special place.. Uh.. I think she called it 'Nature's Way'. When the Serenity Tree has been planted and grows to maturity it will spread to encompass all your friends from Nature's Way.

Upon hearing Jo-Jo's message, Nana May's heart began to sing with sheer joy! Oh, how she loved those ladies at Nature's Way!

Lost One was doing the Happy Dance right there on Nana May's porch steps! The girls, happily beating out the rhythm with their tails on the screen door! Jo-Jo reached out, grabbed Nana May's hand and pulled her to her feet.

Everyone laughed with glee at the very thought of planting the Serenity Tree! By now everyone was in the Happy Dance mood.. What a sight it was!! Jo-Jo stared at all these creatures winged, two-footed, four-footed, furry, wooly, Elephantine skinned and soft-skinned, having the time of their life! All dancing as one with a sense of friendship and love many of them had never known!!!

Out of breath, Jo-Jo continued, "The old woman explained to me that friendship came to Nature's Way, magically. Now, the Serenity Tree will bring Love, Health, Friendship and Serenity to every one of Nana May's friends in a very real way!"

The rhythm in the doorway continued and the dancers followed the beat. Suddenly, Nana May thought of Katy, the little Irish Deer. 'Where was she', Nana May thought to herself. Actually, Nana May hadn't seen Katy for some time and almost had forgotten about her because of all that had been happening.

Nana May stopped dancing and searched the gang for sweet Katy. No sign of Katy!! Worried, she scanned the edge of the woods. No Katy! Not wanting to alarm the others or interrupt their fun, Nana May took one final look around the property.

With a great big sigh of relief, Nana May smiled when she spied Lost One, with his big clumsy hand on precious Katy's neck as they walked together,  heading for the old shed!

Nana May's heart was filled with love at the sight of Lost One and Katy, en route to the old shed that holds another mystery. It also reminded her of Katy's namesake, the elusive little squirrel, who spelt her name with an ie instead of a Y.

She stood within a few yards from her dancing friends, reflecting on the day's events. "Yes!" she shouted aloud. "The Serenity Tree shall be planted near Faith's Garden! Surely it will thrive there amidst the energy from those Darling Ones at Rainbow Bridge with Faith in charge."

"Wh..Wh..what is that?" Nana May whispered under her breath. She was certain, she heard soft, mewing sounds, playful barks, gentle purrs, melodious chirping, even something that reminded her of mooing and braying, chorus-like. She quickly attempted to tune the music from her head, thinking she had let her love for all creatures past and present get the best of her sanity! Surely she was losing her mind!!

Nana May turned to join the others who were now all chattering at once. Sharing with each other all they had heard. In the blink of an eye, she was facing a panorama of figures that reminded her of many of the pets she had memorialized, and the "music" became louder! She stared and listened, not believing the moment, yet, she was unable to move!

One canine figure stood out among the rest, it moved forward and Nana May could hear, "Please don't worry about us, we are happy at Rainbow Bridge. We spend much time watching over our beloved earth families. The Serenity Tree near my garden is perfect!!"

Nana May walked to Faith's Garden and sat on the little bench there. She wasn't sure her legs would hold her for a moment longer!

The voice continued, "Those of us here at Rainbow Bridge want you to know not only will the Serenity Tree reach out like an umbrella to encompass all your Nature's Way friends, there are some funny little ones here who still haven't crossed Rainbow Bridge. They stick together waiting for the Serenity Tree to return them to Kinney Woods."

Chapter 14
by Donna

Doe RayMe was suddenly  overcome with joy! " Is my Diamond there? Sweet Diamond there? ...with his fur of gorgeous stripe? He's my best friend, my love I send, he's the best of the feline type!"

Doe RayMe and Diamond had always been together side by side singing their duets, a better friend Doe RayMe had never met! Oh how she loved all the forest creatures, but Diamond was the one who had sparkled with love so brightly for shy Doe Rayme.

She could even sing about him to change any sad mood, for Diamond's song of love and harmony lived on in her heart forever! "Please, please, oh pretty please, have you seen my Diamond's glow? Is he at the bridge or near the ridge where all the green grass grows?

Doe RayMe's heart smiled when she thought of how much her best buddy Diamond loved that grass! "Who else is there at Rainbow Bridge? Have you seen Rascal, Lilly, or Risky? The news of all these dearest frends makes me feel like dancing! La, la, la, I'm a happy doe. and Diamond makes me think of harmony! Let's plant that seed of peace and love...the seed of sweet Serenity!"

Doe RayMe danced around with her fluffy white tail held high...and she jumped with glee, as deer as could be, when she spotted gorgeous Mindy flutterby!

Mindy is the most beautiful butterfly around, her coral colored wings light up the sky with their beauty! Not only is Mindy such a lovely sight, but what a funny flutterby she is! Doe RayMe danced as Mindy tried to catch Doe's tail!

All the forest friends held paws and tails and wings and danced together in a circle! Nana May danced in the middle of the group with her arms held high in the air waving them back and forth to the motion of the gentle breeze! What a delightful group they were indeed!

Little Sadie shouted out "I'm loving this dance, but please, nobody step on me!" (ya know that Mousie's clummsy and one "out of step" move from him and Sadie would be nothing more than a little spot like the ones on her dress!)

Sunnie yelled to Sadie, "come dance up here and hold onto my horn, let's go for a spin!"

Out of the corner of her eye, Nana May noticed another friend flying by. "Oh Mindy darling, look who's coming!!"

It was Georgie dragonfly, the hottest dragonfly around. Rumor had it Mindy & Georgie were in love! Would there be a wedding soon in the woods, along with the planting of the Serenity Tree?

Mindy stopped dancing and quickly fluttered to the brook to have a look at her reflection and make sure her wings looked just perfect! Then as Georgie approached, she batted her wings in a playful manner.

"Geesh," Mousie said, "Mindy's heart & wings sure are fluttering for her Georgie!!"

Doe RayMe sang "what a mighty fine pair, a mighty fine pair...the two make quite a match! If you ask me, I'd sing with glee that Mindy's quite the catch!!"

Honey Bee had a crush on that Georgie too, but little did she know that Frederick Firefly lit up every time he saw Honey Bee, but she'd soon find out! Love and happiness blossomed all around!

Meanwhile, Chubby Cubby Bear had wandered off toward the shed, filled with curiosity about what could be in that old shed. What was the special mystery inside? If only he could get in!

He climbed up to its only window to take a peek, but the pane was covered thick with dust. It was obvious no one had been near the shed for some time.  He wondered "How do I get in there?" What holds the key? Hey, that's it! IS there a key? Does the key unlock the mystery of this forest shed?"

Chubby Cubby thought he heard wee noises stirring about from within that shed!! Was it just his imagination? Bertha the beautiful owl suddenly was perched on top of the old shed. "Have you guessed the secret?" she asked.

Chubby Cubby thought he had seen a large group of fairies and gnomes inside! Were his eyes deceiving him? Had the humans locked those wee ones in that shed when they came to the forest? Did Peri know of all this? Was THAT why he was wondering about the Lost One at first, thinking Lost One angry, without a heart or brain?

Peri had  known of those with no heart or brain who locked the garden wee ones away? Is that why Peri had moved his family under the largest mushroom hidden by the bushes?

Bertha knew all, for she was very wise and knew there were lessons to learn and puzzles to solve... right here in this most glorious of woods!

What a puzzle it was, there were two sheds!!! This one was hidden very, very deep in the forest. All  knew of Nana May's shed where marvelous plants of health and happiness were kept, but what a kind of mystery had Chubby Cubby stumbled upon. It was his nosey nose that brought him to this place and Bertha now had given him much to think about.

"I better tell the others, we'll have to figure this one out together! One for all and all for one...that's how it's done here in Kinney Woods!" Bertha hooted out as Chubby Cubby ran quickly to inform the others.

"Don't forget about the key!" Perhaps the answer was on that map the Lost One carried. Was there an X to mark the spot of a buried key that could set the wee ones free? Oh how happy all the forest friends would be and none more happy than Peri and Nana May. Cheery fairies would once again fill her woods with their magic!

Had the Lost One come not only to find Love, Joy, Friendship, and Peace? but does he have a special gift to bring all as well? Would he hold the secret of the key to release the fairies to merry flight once again?

Chubby Cubby stopped to catch his breath and noticed Robin Birdie flying over the head of Moo Moo Cow, who was grazing on the fresh grass.

Moo Moo wore her black and white spots and a rose was tucked inside her right ear. She was the kindest cow around...utterly charming! Robin Birdie was adored by all too. She loved flying high and low, back and forth, through out the forest and had a real eye for all its beauty.

The forest friends often "smiled for the Birdie!" Chubby Cubby was glad to spot these two on his way, together they would tell the others of Cubby's find. Off the three headed with Robin Birdie guiding the way with her keen eyes, focusing on the fastest way to reach the others!

Moo Moo and Chubby Cubby had a little trouble keeping up with Robin Birdie's fast pace!! "Hey, be a love and slow down a bit " yelled Chubby Cubby. They all giggled for a moment, but then realized this was serious stuff! The others must be told about that hidden shed!

Chapter 15
by Anne

While Chubby Cubby led the others to the old shed back in the woods, Katy, the Irish deer and Lost One were standing smack dab in front of Nana May's shed. Katy was feeling tired from the festivities of the day and Lost One sat her on the little chair alongside the place said to hold wonderful seeds of Peace and Love.

Lost One stooped on his big haunches and both were quiet. Several moments went by and Lost One broke the silence. "Hope the door has been left unlocked.. Let's take a look!"

Katy, feeling another rush of energy, stood up "Let's do it!" Deer Katy cocked her head, she thought she heard something, a wee scratching sound!

Watching her, Lost One asked, "You OK?"

"Shhh", Katie answered. "Do you hear that?"

The big one stopped to listen, Yes!! He too heard the faint scratching noise! "Let's check this out!!" Excitedly reaching for the old rusty latch.

The little Deer hid behind Lost One. Peeking around him, she noticed there was NO lock!! Katy sucked in her breath as Lost One bravely lifted the latch and the door fell open! Lost One knew he had to be the brave one. He surely didn't want Katy to be frightened. And, NEITHER of them wanted to face any harm!!

He carefully pulled the door wide open and saw nothing but pitch darkness!!

"Oh!" whispered Katie, and she took a step back. "There's that scratching again!"

The big guy remembered he had placed a flashlight into his pouch just before saying goodbye to Jo-Jo. That seemed a lifetime ago! So much has happened. He found love and friendship at Kinney Woods. For the first time, he felt a sense of belonging.. "I think I am home!" he thought to himself and that sent a great big grin across his wide, burly face that broke out into wild laughter!

"What's the matter with you!?" Katy asked. "I don't see anything funny here!"

Lost One quickly gained control of himself and he pulled the flashlight from his filthy pouch.

He flicked the switch on the flashlight and a narrow beam of light shone at the back wall of the old shed. At this moment, Lost One did not feel quite so brave. He could feel one leg knocking against the other!

Deer Katy crept up close behind him as the S-C-R-A-T-C-H became louder! Not daring to let Katy know how scared he was, Lost One said, "Looks empty to me!"

"Give me that light!" Katy was becoming very curious about this shed of Nana May's. She grabbed the flashlight from Lost One and as she did, the light jumped to a pile in the far corner where they both saw something move!!

"Holy Jamoly! What the heck was that?" Katy knew her partner was terrified and now SHE needed to be the brave one! Slowly deer Katy aimed the beam back to the corner where she had seen something move only an instant before. Nothing but an eerie silence in the old shed.

"Compost" said Katy, "It's only a pile of compost." and she quickly scanned the entire room. There were gardening tools hung neatly on one wall and shelves laden with empty pots on another, Katy saw nothing out of the ordinary.

From the darkness Katy heard, "YEOW!! Who are YOU??" She turned and saw Lost One had mustered up a streak of bravado and was down on his knees at the compost pile, eyeball to eyeball with...

"Could it be?" she thought in amazement! "Could it possibly be??" Telling her heart to calm down, Katy turned the light toward Lost One and immediately she knew!!

With a burst of happiness, Deer Katy shouted, "Katie Squirrel! It really is you!! What are you doing here? Why did you leave Kinney Woods? Are you OK? We've missed you! Everyone's been worried about you! What are you doing here?? Are you OK?" Katy kept repeating herself. She babbled on with more excitement than she had ever felt.

"Deer Katy, it's alright!! I'm fine!!' replied Katie Squirrel and she pulled herself out of the compost pile and settled on Lost One's lap!

Lost One was taken aback by this creature with the long furry tail, that looked a lot like Jo-Jo's pony tail!! Jo-Jo had no idea he was sending Lost One on such an exiting adventure. And now Jo-Jo was here sharing the adventure!! "Where is Jo-Jo and the rest? Do they have a clue what we've uncovered?"

Now it was Lost One who had the questions. He cleared his throat and said, "Ahem, Hey, Will someone please tell me what's going on here?"

Deer Katy smiled and slid up close, nudging her head to his shoulder. She then explained how Katie Squirrel disappeared for such a long time and how happy the others from Kinney Woods would be to see her again.

Hearing Deer Katy's story, he felt all tingly inside. Not only did Lost One like Deer Katy so up-close and personal, but he felt a sense of pride knowing it was him who found Katie Squirrel! Deer Katie looked at the odd pair and questioned her namesake.

The little squirrel began to explain. "You see, I heard someone talking about the seeds of the Serenity Tree, they were saying only a couple exist. The Serenity Tree is a most beautiful tree and should be growing in every corner of the world! It spreads everything good and I hear once we plant that special seed near Faith's Garden, all the elves, leprechauns and gnomes will return to stay forever! I knew our beloved friend Nana May, she lives right over there. I knew this shed is the place where she kept many varieties of seeds, only the purest of seed is stored here."

She guided Deer Katy's light to the opposite wall and there were rows upon rows of containers. "Notice the little can with the label "God Grant Me". My friends I have been guarding the seeds of the Serenity Tree!"

Chapter 16
by Donna

Just then a large gathering of forest friends ran up to the Deer Katy, Katie the squirrel and The Lost One. Katie waited till everyone was close, "Listen to this, there's a second shed that's hidden very deep in the forest! Wait till you hear all about it!!"

Doe RayMe had sang a quick hello to her Irish deer friend Katy, how she liked her extra special friend! Those two deer really seemed a lot alike and it made Doe RayMe smile.

Doe RayMe turned to the Lost One and whispered " Cubby made a mysterious find, this one could confuse a little one's mind! This puzzle's a hard one, perhaps your map has a clue, there's great need for the tree, but also a locked shed of fairies so blue!!

Mousie, Sunnie, Robin, Anne, Peri, Sadie, MooMoo, Mindy, Georgie, Honey Bee, and Frederick all were there to figure out this mystery. Bertha flew overhead looking down on them hoping they would know what to do! The Serenity tree needed to be planted, they all agreed on that as they stood there by Nana May's shed.

But what about the other find? Those wee fairies & gnomes needed to be released, for the humans had locked them away! No wonder Doe RayMe had worried about Peri, she could sense the fear that fairy sometimes felt. Perhaps THAT'S why Peri like to ride close on Mousie's ear, so she felt safe from those humans who had locked away her many wee friends.

"Oh, we must get busy!" said Sunnie, "we must plant that tree, free all the fairies, and discover the lessons behind it all!" Robin Birdie chirped a positive "yes", Mindy & Georgie agreed to wing it together, and the others huddled in a circle to discuss their plan!

Mousie then winked, "hey, don't forget, there's a wedding to arrange!!"

They all stopped to notice the love pair in the air, fluttering about, Georgie and his Mindy so fair! "There's so much to do, so much to do", they all chimed twice!!

Speaking of love pairs, Doe RayMe thought to herself, 'hey, where's our sweet Lovey & Dovey?' These two lovebirds were such a great pair...they were, no doubt, snuggled sweetly together in one of the pretty trees. Doe RayMe turned to her friends and sang "bye bye for now, there's a twosome I must see, I'm off to the tree where Lovey & Dovey could be!!"

She promised to get back to the others, but first wanted to sing all the latest news to her two lovebird friends. The others decided to head back to Nana May's cottage. Doe RayMe pranced off in the direction of the lovebirds, all the while thinking of the sweetest love she had ever known, her precious Diamond!

She looked up to the sky & blew a kiss, knowing that Diamond would catch it; she was filled with much bliss!! " I love you my Diamond, we're never apart, I carry a piece of you here in my heart!!" How excited Doe RayMe was at the thought of the Serenity Tree bringing all the loved ones together. Perhaps its branches would extend even to Rainbow Bridge, maybe the fairies would all come back, even those locked away in the shed.

The tree would be just the perfect "umbrella" needed to bring all together, no matter distance, space, or time! Could it be too good to be true? Doe RayMe never doubted that wondrous things could happen, for wasn't the lovely Nana of the forest a lady too good to be true? And yet, how true, good, and kind she certainly was. It was a bright sunny day and Doe RayMe was beaming too. She may be a shy deer, but she was known for always being very hopeful & happy! But of course, she was blessed to live in Kinney Woods!

Although Nana May hadn't been feeling very well, she was still determined to bake some wonderful pies for all her many friends! That was just like Nana May, ever so thoughtful of others!! No wonder she was dearly loved...her pies were dearly loved too!

She set up a little tea party outside to create the perfect picnic. She had exquisite bouquets of her lovely flowers scattered here and there, jeweled colored butterflies flew about, blue jays soared, the sun glowed, fluffy white clouds shaped like hearts filled the sky, and the aroma of her baking filled the air with delicious delight!

Many plans needed to be discussed, but Nana May wanted to surprise her friends with this lovely picnic, knowing a happy tummy can make for good thinking and give her friends the energy they'd need to complete the task ahead!

Chapter 17
by Bertha

Nana May had baked poppy seed cakes for all her friends. The aroma had drifted outside, hinting that something good was baking in the kitchen. "What's that delicious smell?" they asked each other. "Where is Nana May?" they whispered.

"Come and get it," Nana May was standing by the gate to the garden with a smile on her face. "We're having a picnic. I know you all are hungry and we have a lot to do. So come on and eat before it cools."

Bertha the wise owl; flew over to the tulip tree and sat on a limb. "Yes, you must have lots of energy for what we have to do. And hurry, the sun is going down, we haven't much time left."

With a flourish of legs, wings and tails, they all rushed to find their places around the bright checkered tablecloth that Nana May had spread on the ground.

"Oh Nana May, what a surprise," chirped Robin Birdie, "and my favorite I must add."

Each in turn thanked their Nana May for their picnic surprise.

But before the last morsel was eaten the sun said his goodbyes. Mousie was the first to notice the dimness of the day. "Well," he looked up into the sky. "Looks like the man in the moon wants to say hi."

The moon shone through Kinney Woods, sending a silvery light along the way. "Oh, how charming," spoke Anne. "It's almost as light as day."

Mindy smiled, "and there, right up there, is star bright and star light."

Nana May began to clear what was left of the picnic. "I guess we better decide what we are to do. The Serenity Tree has to be planted real soon and must be done by the light of the moon. We still haven't decided about the hidden shed. What are we to do?"

All of the friends of Kinney Woods, stopped chattering and looked at each other. "Well," boomed the voice of the Lost-One. "There's not but one thing we can do, we'll have to find the hidden shed and find it soon. Only the fairies can tell us where in the garden to plant the seed. Without them, we are doomed."

Chapter 18
by Anne

Nana May, sang to herself and placed the last plate in the cupboard. She could see her delightful guests from the open kitchen window. Her mind returned to the events of this beautiful day. How happy she had been to see Katy Squirrel again! "Well, that little dickens," she mused, " Can you imagine, guarding those special seeds all this time!"

She was well aware of the significance of the Serenity Tree seeds and able to save a handful before those dreadful folks could destroy them! Nana May glanced from her window again. It was obvious the little squirrel, gone for so long was the center of attention. She could hear Katie telling how she survived while protecting Nana May's secret stash.

Removing her apron, she looked around, everything was in order. Even her girls were contented with full tummies and oh, so tired from providing rhythm for the afternoon dance. Her heart overflowed with love for them, and she remembered her encounter today out near Faith's Garden with the Darling Ones.

Nana May knew there was little time. Feeling a sudden burst of energy, Nana May returned to the chattering group and was surprised to see the area near Faith's Garden still brightly lit!! The moon above was telling her that NOW was the time to plant the Serenity Seed from Lost One's map!! Until that seed is planted safely in the rich soil, Nana May knew the Fairies, Leprechauns, Gnomes and Elves, could never be free to roam Kinney Woods.

Luckily, wise Bertha, Chubby Cubby, Mousie and the others discovered them today locked in the old shed deep in the woods! And, hadn't she been told just this afternoon that some of them refused to cross Rainbow Bridge and were waiting for the Serenity Tree to release them too? Nana May was becoming more excited just thinking about the promise of the crystals embedded within Lost One's seed. Her Nature's Way friends would be assured all the good things in life under the umbrella of the magnificent Serenity Tree.

Chapter 19
by Stormie

It was late in the morning of the next day and all the animals were wondering where Sunnie was, she wasn't usually this late. Nana May was getting a wee bit worried as well because she knew that Sunnie always came straight to see her in the morning and say hello.

All of a sudden Sunnie came stumbling out of the woods looking a little bemused and as she came over she looked so stunned they all started to worry about the humans in the city. When she got up close they could see the most radiant of smiles on her face and were totally confused

"Hello all," she said "Have I got news for you, as you know sometimes I see things in my dreams that tell me things, and not always bad stuff. Well last night I was so tired after all the talking, walking and chattering going on that I went to sleep right away."

"Can you tell us your dream or is it of a private nature?" asked Nana May, as she didn't want to make Sunnie feel she had to tell her dream, sometimes they are just for the person who dreamed them.

"Oh yes " Sunnie cried, with the largest smile "this one I have to tell I was told to" she stuttered.
This amazed Peri who had never heard Sunnie stutter and she sat and wondered if it was going to be the big secret they all wanted to hear.

"Do tell,do tell, or I am going to ring a bell" sang Do Rae Me

"Well I had the strangest dream last night" started Sunnie.

"Oh for pity's sake get to the good part "Peri butted in.

Then Nana May gently reminded all her sweet friends about manners, and told them to wait because with waiting for the good part to come, makes it that much better.

"Well "said Sunnie with a little bit of a glare at Peri "I was asleep under the hugest tree in the forest, Sir Wilfred, the black willow tree"

All the animals knew of this tree, whenever one of them was feeling down or sick they would go over and either lie on the little bench or sit in the shade garden.

"So as I was lying there the most beautiful fairy I have ever seen"

With this Peri said "What do you mean I thought I was the prettiest fairy around?"

"You are" said Sunnie "in this forest and this land but this fairy was from somewhere else, she was from.....over the Rainbow Bridge!!!!!!".

All the wee ones just got super quiet and didn't know what to say, "tell us please, oh yes please" murmured all the little darlings.

"Well here is what she told me, 'did you all know that up until 17 years ago there was no proper bridge here on Earth only this lovely fairy to come and get the little ones who had gone ahead?"

All the animals especially Lost One looked so stricken that Sunnie hastened to add "but not now, she told me that ever since Nana May came to live in Kinney Woods that ..........." and saying this part she whispered so softly "the Rainbow Bridge now lives here in Kinney Woods and do you want to know why?"

Then all the wee ones started asking, "yes tell us, please tell us" Peri fluttered up on Lost Ones shoulder and Katie the little Irish squirrel got so excited she almost did somersaults. Mousie kept running up, down and all around with quite a few of the smaller ones on his large shoulders, only Bertha kept her wits about her and said loudly "Settle down, settle down now if you want to hear what Sunnie says you have to settle down"

"Yes please" said Nana May "I have to know this one too, is this our big secret?" she asked Sunnie.

"Oh no this isn't the big secret, she just wants you to know Nana May that all the animals over the bridge took a vote and decided that they think all wee ones should come here first to feel the love and joy you give to all the animals in the world and then they will know that there are humans out there who love and respect them"

"WOW " said Mousie "We all knew how much you love us all Nana May and now all the animals will."

Nana May walked over to the special place in Faith's garden and started to weep very softly, Sunnie followed her and asked her what was wrong? "Well I have always heard the sounds of animals some happily barking, meowing and all the other sounds of the animal kingdom, but sometimes I hear cries of pain and sorrow""

I know " said Sunnie "but what the rainbow fairy wanted me to tell you was that that is all right because when they first come here the ones that are so mistreated and sad they see all the love and goodness you share with all the animals and they know how much love you have. Sometimes you are the only human they have ever seen be sweet to the animals, and you know that makes a huge difference in their lives."

"Just knowing that there really are people out there who love and protect their babies through all kinds of things makes it easier for them to come to terms with the nastiness that some people do!!"

Nana May thought for a few seconds and then for some reason felt a little lick on her hand and she knew it was Faith telling her it was all right that now they could go on and plant the special seed for the Serenity Tree and all things would work out. "So "said Nana May "it's time to get to work, what do we do now?"

She turned around and went back to all the others with a wonderful sunshine smile and a super-de-duper feeling of love in her heart. "Let's get to work

Chapter 20
by Anne

Excited about Sunnie's dream, Nana May realized that it was a good thing the seed of the Serenity Tree wasn't planted the night before. With this exciting news, there was even more significance to the promise of the magnificent tree.

"It will grow tall and spread goodness to all!" sang Doe RayMe. Besides, Nana May and her friends were just too tired last night to plant that seed properly! Nana May had fallen asleep in her rocker on the porch and when she awoke, everyone had gone to the woods and settled in for the night.

"Ok folks! Who's ready to go to work?" yelled Lost One. He and Mousie were heading toward them with a wheelbarrow and shovel they had found in Nana May's shed.

"Right over there!" Nana May called to them. "That's where Mr.Moon said our tree should be planted. Remember? He kept that area lit for us last nite. Yes, right over there near Faith's Garden!"

By now, the others had gathered, anxious to do what they could to get the beautiful seed planted. Bertha suggested Nana May take the shovel and remove the first clump of earth. Everyone cheered and they took turns shoveling. Katy, the squirrel, Anne and her little hedgehog family worked together, clawing the earth. Soon the hole was deep enough to hold the seed tucked safely in Lost One's pouch.

Nana May was plain tuckered out! She brushed the dirt from her dress and made her way to the bench in Faith's Garden. From there, she could see Lost One take the map from his worn pouch. He carefully opened it and eased the seed from where it had been placed on the map. Lost One was feeling something he could not explain.

When he held the crystal-embedded seed out for all to see, he could see everyone was looking to him for further directions. They waited for Lost One to tell them how the seed was to be planted. It was a wonderful feeling deep inside. Yet Lost One didn't want to let anyone down. The Serenity Tree must be planted properly in order for it to grow to fulfill all it was meant to do!!

Lost One carried the seed to it's chosen spot. His new friends parading behind. Everyone agreed, this is where the Serenity Tree will thrive best!

Nana May continued to watch as Lost One gently placed the seed in the fresh soil. He scooped a handful of dirt and covered it, patting the soil oh so gently with the palm of his huge hands. "There!" he said. "Now, everybody can help shovel the rest!"

Nana May giggled to herself at the sight! "Why, the whole community of Kinney Woods is out to help plant the Serenity Tree!" she said. She looked around. There was Bertha, the snowy owl, hooting a cheer for a job well done. Peri danced on Doe ReMe's horn. She noticed Lovey and Dovey hovering right over the action. Mindy Flutterby watching from the bench where Nana May sat. She envisioned that, this must be what heaven is like, it made her proud of her woodsy friends.

Yesterday was a great day for some camaraderie and discovery. Today is a workday and they managed to get the job done by working together! Yes, this beautiful lady was extremely proud of her little friends!

Aware of the sudden stillness, she glanced back to where the job at hand was almost completed. Every head was turned in the same direction. Nana May rose from her seat and walked towards them. Just a few steps and she could easily see why they seemed mesmerized. It was a rare sight indeed! There in all his glory stood Mr. Primrose Peacock! His magnificent tail feathers in full display!

Many of the animals had never seen Mr. Primrose before and they questioned Nana May. It was hard to give them answers. Nana May herself hadn't a clue as to why Primrose had come. She explained, "You see, Mr. Primrose Peacock and his family live in a private area of Kinney Woods. They are rarely seen. Occasionally, you will see him when he visits Doe ReMe."

By now, Doe ReMe was off to greet Primrose and her song could be heard. "Mr. Primrose, how nice to see you indeed! Did you hear we planted a Serenity Tree seed?"

Mr.  Primrose Peacock surprised them all when he sang, "A great day for work, I saw not a cloud, I hear the job's done, You must be so proud!"

"What's Proud?" asked Lost One. Sadie crept up to his shoulder. She was used to sitting there. Well. didn't she ride with Lost One all the way from Kinney Woods?

"Proud" answered Sadie, "Is how I feel about my children".

"Proud, is how Mindy  Flutterbye feels about herself. It's almost like love, only different".

"Oh, that's what I was feeling when I thought everyone was looking up to me when I planted the Serenity Tree seed.

"That's pride! " Mousie chimed in. "We're proud of ourselves and proud of YOU too!"

Doe ReMe invited Primrose Peacock to join the others and she introduced her fancy friend.

"Wow! Ain't he a handsome one," chirped Georgie.

Primrose relaxed his glorious tail feathers and now they trailed like a bridal train!. The creatures from Kinney Woods were speechless. They had never seen such  beauty!

Mr. Primrose, put them all at ease when he spoke, "I just stopped by to congratulate you on your recent discoveries. I remember when the Serenity Tree seeds disappeared and hear you've uncovered old mysteries that enabled you to secure a seed and plant it. The Serenity Tree will bring blessings to Kinney Woods!!"

 Nana May and the others were fascinated by Mr. Primrose. "You should be very proud of yourself," they heard her say.

"Very proud indeed!" Lost One quickly explained to Primrose how he had come to Kinney Woods, about the map and the seed that Jo-Jo had given him. Deer Katy joined in and revealed the secret of the old shed deep in the woods. Soon everybody was talking at once about the events of the last two days.

There was a sudden roar of thunder and every creature ran for shelter as once again, lilac rain fell on Kinney Woods

The End