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To select the game that you want to play, you must click on the magic cube link.

This page is an applet and takes a couple of minutes to open, and only people who can view applets will be able to play these interactive games.

Now the fun begins, you can manipulate the cube with your cursor, select a side of the cube, click once for it to start moving again, click twice on the game you want to play.

The games are;

Most everyone knows this slow moving game, one or two people can play.   Darken the words 'player one' add your name, etc.

The pictures randomly change positions for every new game


Pong is a game of table tennis or what we call ping pong



is a game that moves fast or slow, depending on your skill. Slide the bar at the bottom way to the right to begin. As you gain skill, slide it to the left.


This is not really a game, but it's lots of fun using your cursor to change the shapes and colors.


Shares the same page with Zenny, it's speaks for its self.


NOW, let the fun begin!

Close each game window to return to cube.