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Max in Casey's bed

Hi, I'm a 5 1/2 year old Australian cattle dog, also known as a Blue-heeler, I was born on September 13th, so guess what my lucky number is?

Mom says I am smart and funny, my ball is my favorite toy, it makes me feel safe, like a security blanket. Even when I decide to chase after one of those annoying little birds, I must first pick up my ball and take it along on the chase.

I even invented my own game. It's easy, you push the ball up against a wall with your nose, then flick it up and catch it. Sometimes I flick the ball to either mom or dad and wait for them to flick it back. If they are busy, I just flick it myself, chase it and continue with the game.

When my ball gets muddy, it goes into my pool, a few bounces in there and it is clean and ready to play again. Mom says this make me one smart cookie. :=)