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Myst's Rosie



Hello my name is Rosie. I am a Labrador retriever mix. Many humans ask my mom, Myst, why I was named Rosie. She thought my coat was so red that Rosie was the only name for me*S*

I was rescued by my dad, Mike, on November 4th, 2001. He found me near a rail yard far out in the country. I was malnourished because I had to scavenge for my food and did not know how to hunt. See I am not a wild dog, I do not carry the instinct to hunt as many humans believe.

The first few months were tough because when they left for the store/work, I was afraid they would leave me too. So I chewed up their furniture and belongings out of fear. Luckily they understood my fears and helped me realize through love and caring, that I am a member of their family forever ~ no matter what*S* ((This is why we believe she was abandoned))

I never would go near a car, my dad had to physically put me in the car to take me home for the first time. Now I happily jump in the van and get to go the "doggie" park and have lots of fun there. I go with the family on vacations too *S* I love to eat ice cubes, oranges from the grove out in our backyard, actually I'll eat anything given to me. But, my family is careful and do not feed me table scraps since I cannot keep "human" food down because of my days scavenging ruined my ability to digest many foods.

I am a survivor, one of the lucky ones who was found by a caring family that truly loves me ..........


Please, please do not abandon your pet by the roadside. These precious domestic pets are not going to survive for long without a human to feed, give Vet care and most importantly, love. We must give Rosie hugs at least 10 times a day, she is visibly upset if she is not hugged a lot ~ she craves attention. So you see they need the physical touch too. She has many other characteristics of being abandoned, hiding food, wont eat "all" of her food at one feeding, and I can go on and on. These pets KNOW when they are not loved or wanted, they are intelligent beings.

It has taken a lot of training, love and understanding to get Rosie back to trusting humans again. She is now a lovable member of the family, we trust her and she trusts us. Thank God this was a happy ending for her.

Also, if you choose to bring a pet into your family please visit your local humane society or shelter, they deserve a second chance. Neuter or spay your pet and be sure they are seen by a vet at least once a year. AND if you need to part with your beloved pet, please find a home for them, don't abandon them in the hopes someone will pick them up and give them a home ~ this is animal abuse and in the State of Florida it is illegal as in most US States.

Rosie's mom, Myst