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I have two card sites for your convenience the first one offers you a regular selection of e-greetings. The Lake applets are particularily beautiful, hope you will take a look.

The second site I have personalized for those who frequent my message board. Using your own pet pictures you can send greetings to family and friends anywhere. I will select new pictures every month or so, so if you have a picture you would like to make a card out of, send it to me.

When picking up a card check to see if it is a Nature's Way Virtual Greeting or a Nature's Way Personal Greeting and go to the correct area.

Do hope you all enjoy this service.

Site One:

Create a Nature's Way
Virtual Greeting

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Pick Up Your Nature's Way
Virtual Greeting

Site Two:

At this site you can even use your own pictures.

Send a Nature's Way
personal e-greeting

Enter Card ID Number to
Pickup Your Greeting Card