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The Real Santa

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As we get ready to celebrate another Christmas, many children are asking the same question their parents asked many years ago, "Is there really a Santa Claus?"

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Wherever they go, children see Santa dressed in a variety of styles, even his face is different one from the other, this can be very confusing.

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There are fat, round Santas and skinny ones, tall Santas and short ones. There are Santas who did not have time to grow beards and had to borrow one, there are even Santas in training.

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It is really an easy thing to explain; years ago, when your parents were young, there were a lot less children in the world, and Santa was able to do everything by himself.

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Now that there are billions of children around the world, the REAL Santa Claus is so busy getting all the toys and other gifts ready for the big day. He is checking his list, not once but twice, checking on the boys and girls to make sure they have been nice, he just doesn't have a minute left over.

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This is when Santa calls on his personal army of volunteers from all around the world. They learn to dress, walk and talk like Santa, then they go out and make thousands of public appearances in the few weeks before the big day.

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When you tell one of these wonderful Santa's helpers what you want for Christmas, the information goes straight to the REAL Santa at the North Pole.

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Without these wonderful volunteers, few children  would have the pleasure of sitting on Santa's lap and whispering into his ear.

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So when you see a Santa, that just does not look they way he should, know in your heart it is one of Santa's special helpers doing his part to spread Santa's love to every child in the world.

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If you hear sleigh bells on Christmas Eve, quickly look out your window and you may just see the real Santa hurrying away, you may even see one of his reindeer.

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Now if you really want to know more about Santa, where he lives and what he does when he is not getting ready for Christmas, click the smiling face below.

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