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William Issac Trachtenberg

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It had only been a little more than a year, since we met William as an online friend, but in this short period of time he found his way into many of our hearts.

William was always there for us with encouraging words, advice and help whenever it was needed. Many people learned a lot about web design from  him but most importantly we learned a lot about his wisdom on life through how he loved and cared for those around him, including those of us he only met in cyber space.

On Feb. 16, 2001, our dear friend William left us, the Beastly board and everything and everyone he touched will never be the same, we are all a little bit wiser, and a lot better off for having the privilege of knowing him.

His wonderful sense of humor lives on in all of us. We LOVE YOU, William!


WILLIAM.jpg (21410 bytes) While we all enjoy cuddling with our cats, listening to them purr, poor Willaim is alergic to the flesh and blood variety and has adopted Sherlock an adorable wooden feline.

Sherlock has been telling William what to do, when to come home for 15 years. If you look close you can see they are even beginning to look alike.

At this age many of us have to say goodbye to our beloved pets, but Sherlock has only begun his second life, seven more to go.