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Nature's Way is dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle, always in harmony with the world around us. It looks at our many complicated relationships with one another, the healing qualities of human friendship, and the enduring, faithful, healing, unconditional love that is given freely by our animal companions.

If we desire to live in harmony with Mother Earth, we must act as her guardians, always placing her needs before the profits we can make from exploting her natural resources.  When we look at the earth as a living organism we realize that, like other living organisms, she needs to be nurtured and cared for in a loving manner.

We discuss the changes we can make in our daily lives that will effect the world around us, doing things that add to our natural resources, instead of depleting them. You'll learn why organic gardening and farming is the hope for our future and why some old ways of doing things are more efficient and safer for us and the environment.

We'll learn that flowers should not be valued for their beauty and fragrance alone, there are hidden healing qualities within their blossoms, leaves and roots. While flowers brighten our days here on earth, lifting up our spirits, they may also hold the key to better health.

Preserving food is our best way to guarantee a year round supply of organic vegetables and fruits. We'll learn some old fashioned techniques as well as some modern ones. There will be weekly recipes, as variety is definitely the spice of life.

I hope you will take the time to visit these pages, bookmark this site and come back often. Please feel free to share your stories, recipes or pictures with me and I will answer all e-mails.

This is our world, and what we do with it right now is going to make the biggest difference since the world was created, Mother Earth is in big trouble. Please become an active participant in saving our planet.

                   Anna May Kinney

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The beautiful Native American music on this site has been provided by Elan Michaels. Please do not use without permission.

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"When the Environment of Earth goes bankrupt we will all be homeless."

Adam Trombly
Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen
Director: Project Earth


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