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North America's
 Darkest Secret

What is the difference between Pedophilia and Polygamy? When we read about child brides happening in third world countries we shrug our shoulder and say that these people are just ignorant, but do you know that in both the U.S. and Canada, under the guise of religious freedom, girls are being married into polygamy while still children.  Please click here to read what is really going on.

Child brides & female bondage



About domestic abuse


Abuse is part of our society and it will not stop until we understand what causes abuse, the dynamics of the family involved in abuse, and be willing to empower women with both the knowledge and emotional support they need to stand on their own.

If you have never been abused and don't understand what makes women stay with an abusive man, you must read this page.

Why doesn't she leave him



What kind of
men are abusive

You may be very surprised to know that the men you  think are least likely to be abusive are often the ones who are. Abuse takes place at all levels of the economic ladder; uneducated, beer drinking, and fool mouth men are not the only ones.

          What Kind of Man Abuses



Stalking is abuse

Are you or someone you know being stalked and don't know what to do about it. Please check out these sites.

Angels in blue

Knights of Kindness



Interesting Facts
About Women

4,000 years of women in science

Women's history in America


Justice for women

 Equality Now


 Women for women

 Women Watch


The Warrior Woman

   The Warrior Woman


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